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Laminate Options

1 Mil Polyethylene is applied to the EPS sheet where moisture is a concern. In an area where there is a high concentration of moisture in the soil, panels with 1 mil polyethylene, are typically used to provide a moisture barrier, The poly can be applied to one side or both sides of the panel.

Reflective Mylar is applied to panels where a higher R-Value is desired by reflecting heat back into a house. For the Mylar to be effective it should be facing towards the inside of the house and should be between 3/8' and 1' away any surface to allow the air to reflect back into the space.

FRP Laminated Panels are used for a variety of applications including walk-in coolers, clean rooms and public restrooms. The FRP (fiberglass reinforced panel) is a rigid, scrubable, fire resistant panel that is easy to maintain. EPS contributes insulation and sound deadening properties. Panels are available laminated on one side or both sides.

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